AGU 2015 Session - River Fluxes Under Environmental Change

Posted on June 15, 2015 in News

This year at AGU I will be co-convening a session on river fluxes and their response to environmental change with co-convenors Sagy Cohen (U-Alabama), Albert Kettner (U-Colorado), and Christopher Hackney (U-Southampton). The full title is "Numerical Modeling and applications of river fluxes in large basins under changing environmental conditions" (Session ID 8280). Here's the description:

Large river basins, extending from headwater sources, through the river system, to lakes, estuaries and coastal seas, are key components of the global (bio)geochemical cycles that couple the atmosphere, continents and oceans. Aquatic fluxes of carbon, nutrients and sediment from river systems play a fundamental role in global change, both at geological time scales and in the present under anthropogenic forcing. The goal of this session is to highlight the latest advances and tools for assessing the state and functioning of river systems and fluxes, and the degree to which they have been and will continue to be impacted by human activities. Topics of interests include modeling, remote sensing, and observational results, from local to global scales, which increase our understanding of the type, magnitude and patterns of change observed along large river systems.

We encourage you to submit an abstract! Deadline is August 5.

This session is cross-listed in both Global Environmental Change and Hydrology.